Rug Cleaning

Rugs falling within the speciality rug classification are normally hand made, whether that be hand knotted, flat woven or hand bound.

We have over 20 years of Expert rug cleaning experience. We have the ability to successfully clean all types of Specialist rugs and carpets.

Our specialist Rug Cleaning service combines market leading technology with years of experience in the cleaning of home fabrics. Our specialist team can clean all kinds and dimensions of rugs, leaving them brilliant, fresh and also clean. We provide two levels of Rug Cleaning service:
Requirement Rug Cleaning:

Completely cleansed to remove challenging discolourations.

Rug Cleaning Service

Consists Of Clean, Sanitise and Safeguard therapies. In addition to stubborn tarnish removal, we also remove microorganisms caused by family pets and general messing. Your rug is after that given a protective therapy to assist resist future soiling and staining. Safeguard therapies are suggested if your rug has a high wool web content.


To start the process, we inspect every single rug to look for any type of existing damages or spots. Soil typically conceals colour lot variants, fibre discolouration, colour blood loss, used locations and knots that then emerge once the rug is cleaned. Some of these are damages that can possibly be repaired or turned around, while others are weaving qualities.


Once we’ve completed a pre-wash examination, we can start the rug cleaning process with a complete dusting. Lots of rugs are capable of standing up to one extra pound of dirt per square foot before they even show up unclean. Dry cleaning is an important initial step to the laundry procedure, as cleaning a rug that’s concealing big quantities of great grit as well as dirt in the structure develops mud, which is of course much harder to cleanse. It’s this phase that removed every one of the soil that can (and also will) damages your rug with time. Our Rug Badger, a vibrating equipment made particularly for the cleaning of rugs, will certainly vanquish also one of the most deep and also stubborn of soil and also debris.


Now, your rug will certainly be checked for colour-fastness. If the dyes are not colour-fast, then the rug is prepared by establishing the dyes. The rug will after that be soaked in cold water and also a moderate shampoo, using soft brushes for light frustration of the fibres. For how long the rug is saturated for depends on how much surface dirt needs to be removed from the fibres. The rug will certainly then be extensively washed with water prior to being spun in our centrifuge rewriter, which will get rid of as much as 95% of the water it has actually absorbed. It is necessary to get a rug dry as swiftly as possible, as this decreases the opportunities of colour migration.


As soon as the rug has been cleaned up, protector can be applied. This coats each fibre to in a safety obstacle to fend off landed soil as well as spillages. Spots and spills can be conveniently mopped up, as the safety layer avoids the fibre from taking in.